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Access of Wilmington is Making outdoor moments effortless

Terrain Hoppers

For those who want memorable outdoor experiences without the limited mobility


Enjoy the places you want to go!

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New Adventures and Memories are no longer at the mercy of the terrain. These hoppers are classified as “other power driven mobility devices.” Which means they can go places where any pedestrians are allowed to walk. Where is your next memory planned?

Meet Your New Adventure Companion!


  • Handlebar or joystick steering. 
  • Four (4x) electric motors, one for each wheel.
  • 4-wheel independent suspension.
  • Roughly 10 inches of clearance.
  • 4, 8, or 12 MPH adjustable speeds.
  • Enter and exit from both sides


A Natural Winner.

The sought after Terrain Hoppers at Access of Wilmington are here for your outdoor cruising pleasure. Easily conquer sand, hills, steps,  water up to 18”, and snow (even though we’re at the beach).

We are making enjoyable adventures more readily accessable to everyone in our family.

Let’s GO

Making More Memories

“I’ve been […] places I gave up going years ago”

“I have been everywhere, through mud water above my ankles, soft sand, steep hills, and rocks including National Parks. Places I gave up going years ago.”


– Frank

Maximizing Moments


New Family Specials


Access of Wilmington's Hoppers are transported for you. We will be visiting the beach and surrounding areas.


First time riders are entered into our family, receiving special offers.


Sign up or book a ride to find out whats next!

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Certified Fun!

Safe for children and adults. Watch kids having fun and driving the terrain hoppers through a brooke.

Bringing the Family together


“Now I can go with everyone” – Trey


Beach Therapy

Enjoy cruising on the beach with friends and family.

With a Turn of the Handle…

Popular Activities

Beach Going

Because the Terrain Hoppers can go up to 18″ in water, enjoy getting up close to the water with family and friends.


The rugged offroad tires and independent motors allow for the outdoor experience after fresh snowfall.


Enjoy sightseeing or photography. These Hoppers will take you almost anywhere pedestrians are allowed.

what They’re Saying


“My deep research into outdoor mobility options showed me that for outdoor mobility, the TerrainHopper is the pinnacle. Defintely the absolute best choice.”


-Cliff, CA

“I absolutely love the TerrainHopper! I now have a way of seeing the world and traveling that I thought I would never have again.”


– Karen, GA

“The TerrainHopper has given Isla (and our family) a new lease on life. The joy she experiences with her new found freedom and independence makes my heart swell. She can play alongside her brother safely and independently. We now envision family outings to the beach and hiking in a whole new light.”


– Jill, NC

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